Monster Jam is a live motorsport event operated by FELD entertainment.  The main highlighting feature is racing and freestyle competitions by Monster Trucks. The Monster jams are featured all across the globe. Monster trucks compete among each other to register themselves as the World champions in the event. The Monster truck is breathtaking and is a site of a spectacular display of these monster beasts. Here we have compiled a list of top 13 monster trucks of all time which have a legacy of their own and won various accolades and championships across the globe. We have researched thoroughly and have compiled an exclusive list for our monster truck enthusiasts. Any new updates will be regularly published on the blog.

Here is the list of these ravenous beasts :

  1. Grave Digger

Grave Digger is considered the most iconic and famous monster truck which has won laurels all across the globe. The flagship driver and creator of this monster is Dennis Anderson.

Year created: 1981

Grave Digger Specifications:

Owner Feld Motorsports, Anderson Boys Racing, and Randy Brown
Body style 1950 Chevy Panel Van
Engine 540ci Merlin
Transmission Coan 2-speed
Tyre Firestone / Goodyear / Dneproshina / BKT
  1. Maximum Destruction

Maximum destruction also known as “MAX-D” is owned by Tom Meents and is one of the highlighting monster trucks across the monster jam circuit across the globe.

Year created: 2003

Maximum destruction (MAX-D) Specifications:

Owner FELD Motorsports, Tom Meents (name)
Body style 2000 Futuristic SUV
Engine 540ci Merlin
Transmission 2 Speed Coan
Tyre BKT / 66″ Terra
  1. Monster Mutt

Monster Mutt is a monster truck from West Chicago, Illinois and competing in the monster jam circuit. Monster mutt is currently driven by Tanner Root.

Year created: 2003

Monster Mutt Specifications:

Owner FELD Entertainment
Body style Custom Dog
Engine 540 CI Blown Alcohol, 540 Chevrolet Big Block
Transmission Hughes Performance 2-Speed Powerglide, Coan/Bewick Turbo 400
Tyre 66″ Terra/BKT
  1. Bear Foot

Bear Foot is a monster truck built by Jack Wilman and Fred Shafer and currently owned by Paul Shafer. This beast has won various monster truck championship across the US.

Year created: 1997

Bear Foot Specifications:

Owner Paul Shafer Motorsports
Body style Dodge Ram
Engine 572 Cubic Block
Transmission Coan 2 Speed
Tyre 66″ Terra
  1. Batman

Batman monster truck is monster Jam world racing champion for the year 2007 and 2008. The design of the monster truck is inspired by Batmobile which is officially licensed by DC comics.

Year created: 2006

Batman Monster Truck Specifications:

Owner ELD Entertainment, Live Nation (Truck), DC Comics
Body style Custom 3D Batmobile
Engine 540ci Merlin
Transmission Coan 2-Speed
Tyre 66″ Terra
  1. Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is custom monster truck named after Nintendo character. The truck is currently driven by Kreg Christensen.

Year created: 2007

Donkey Kong Specifications:

Owner Nintendo of America (name), FELD Motorsports (truck)
Body style Ford F-150 with Custom Front End
Engine 540ci Merlin
Transmission Coan 2-speed
Tyre 66″ Terra
  1. Towasaurus Wrex

Towasaurus Wrex is monster truck competing in the US and across the globe. It is originally owned by Gary DeMauro and now owned by Jeff Bursey. The truck belongs to Dracut city, Massachusetts.

Year created: 1988

Towasaurus Wrex Specifications:

Owner Jeff Bursey
Body style 1946 Chevy Tow Truck
Engine 428 ci Chevy
Transmission 400 Turbo with T.C.I. Converter
Tyre 66″ Terra
  1. Cyborg

Cyborg is a monster truck owned and driven by Jack Koberna and belongs to Edgewood County, New Mexico. Cyborg features independent front end suspension and is seen across the monster jam circuits regularly.

Year created: Early 1990s

Cyborg Specifications:

Owner Jack Koberna
Body style Ford F-150
Engine 496 Big Block Chevy
Transmission Coan 2-speed
Tyre 66″ Terra
  1. El Toro Loco

El Toro Loco is a monster truck currently driven by Kayla Blood and belongs to Ellenton County, Florida. The body was originally inspired by Bulldozer and since has gained popularity across jam circuits.

Year created: 2001

El Toro Loco Specifications:

Owner FELD Entertainment, Clear Channel Entertainment
Body style Custom Bull
Engine 540ci Merlin (FELD), Blown 575 Chevrolet Big Block
Transmission Coan 2-Speed, Coan/Bewick Power Glide
Tyre 66″ Terra / BKT
  1. Blue Thunder

Blue Thunder is a monster Truck that was sponsored by Ford Motor Company and FLED entertainment. The Truck is currently driven by Matt Cody.

Year created: 2000

Blue Thunder Specifications:

Owner FELD Entertainment
Body style Ford F-150
Engine 514 C.I. Ford Performance
Transmission 3-speed Ford C6
Tyre 66″ Terra / BKT
  1. Sudden Impact

Sudden Impact is a monster truck originally driven by John Seasock and is the first monster truck to implement Kevlar blanket driveline. The Sudden impact is also known as “Ground Pounder”.

Year created: 1990

Sudden Impact Specifications:

Owner Sudden Impact Racing
Body style Offroad/RC body
Engine 540 Block Ford
Transmission Coan 2-speed
Tyre 66″ Terra
  1. Tropical Thunder

Year created: 2007

Tropical Thunder Specifications:

Owner Monster Trucks
Body style TBA
Engine TBA
Tyre 66″ Terra
  1. Zombie

Zombie is a monster truck built and owned by FELD Motorsports. It is currently driven by Bari Musawwir, Paul Strong, Joe Urie, and Macey Nitcher.

Year created: 2013

Zombie Specifications:

Owner FELD Motorsports
Body style Custom Ford F-150
Engine 540ci Merlin
Transmission Coan 2-speed
Tyre 66″ Terra / BKT