Before jumping on the topic let us have a quick glance on the basic difference between Electric and Hybrid car:

Electric vehicles are totally electrical, that means Single electric powertrain drives the wheels. Examples include Ford Focus, Nissan Leaf, and Tesla Roadster, etc. An electric car uses electrical power alone and there is no backup gasoline engine provided.

Plug-in hybrid cars employ an electric motor as well as a traditional gasoline engine for operating the car. Examples are Cadillac ELR, the Chevrolet Volt, and Toyota Prius Plug-In, etc. Hybrid cars use two powertrains to drive the wheels.

Ford Focus

Electric vehicles have many advantages over plug-in hybrids. The most important is that electric vehicles are eco-friendly over plug-in hybrids since they don’t use any fuel in any respect. Additionally, electrical vehicles help in saving extra money than plug-in hybrids, since they don’t use any fuel. Of course, there are some drawbacks to EVs and the biggest is range: whereas a plug-in hybrid will typically travel thirty or forty miles on absolute power and an additional 200 miles to 300 miles on petrol, most electrical vehicles are restricted to 10 miles to 53 miles range which means drivers with an extended commute will require additional recharging spots along the highway to complete the journey and hence the drivers will prefer to have Hybrid cars instead of Electric vehicles.

Nissan Leaf

Plug-In Hybrids: advantages and disadvantages

Of course, plug-in hybrid cars additionally have their own advantages and drawbacks. An electrical automobile will solely travel as so much as its batteries enable whereas plug-in hybrids use gasoline engines additionally to power their electrical powertrains. The advantage that plug-in drivers get is best of both the world i.e. Electric Vehicle efficiency and Car range of gasoline-powered cars.

When it involves disadvantages, the largest disadvantage endured by plug-in hybrids is selection. There aren’t many models to choose from, as most automakers have instead chosen to supply fully electrical vehicles instead. This is often the result that the customer wants the full experience of electric vehicles capabilities.

Tesla Roadster

Taxes and different Savings

If your main purpose for purchasing an alternative automobile with a fuel-efficient usage is on savings taxes and tax rebates, don’t worry: Both plug-in hybrids and EVs can benefit you. Occasionally plug-in hybrids still need gas sometimes, fuel prices are still comparatively low. In different words, you won’t go in selecting EVs or a plug-in hybrid; you’ll simply need to select the one that works best for you and your requirements.

According to us, the plug-in hybrid should be an automobile with a small battery unit that can provide and compensate for the range of the vehicle. When the battery gets completed discharged then the gasoline engine kicks in to provide time for battery recharge.

Cadillac ELR


Most plug-in hybrids have a battery which provides a range of 10 miles to 53 miles. The longer battery life implies the bigger proportion of daily driving will be through the electric powered battery. However longer the battery will mean larger battery which will increase the cost exponentially. But the overall usage of vehicle will depend on individual requirements. If you have a PHEV having a ten-mile range and you employ it to commute to four miles distance each day and back, you’ll drive weeks or perhaps months on battery power alone.

Chevrolet Volt

Range Anxiety

Running out of battery power continues to be a cause of concern for many car enthusiasts. And, it is arising due to the fact that not many charging spots are present to recharge the depleted cars across the length and breadth of the USA. Of course, it’s not an issue if you’re driving a plug-in hybrid you just drive till the battery is depleted then the gasoline engine takes over and compensates for the remaining journey.


Charging is of a smaller scale difficulty for plug-in hybrid drivers just because if the battery gets depleted by use then these cars can easily switch to a Gasoline engine which will compensate for the remaining journey and in the meantime recharging the battery.

Toyota Prius Plug-In


Choose the car according to your own requirement. For that, you can check the pros and cons of the vehicles that we have mentioned and then make your intelligent decision to whether to buy an electric car or hybrid car.